Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Pregnancy Survival Kit

      One of my good friends recently found out that she is pregnant and I am super happy for her. She lives pretty far away from all her family and friends (and me!) so while I couldn't celebrate with her in person, I still wanted to do something special for her. I remember when I was pregnant with Owen and moved to Washington, it was really lonely being pregnant far away from family and not knowing many people in our new town. So to let her know that somebody in Kentucky is super psyched for her (and her husband too), I created my very own Pregnancy Survival Kit and mailed it to her right after she told me she was pregnant. Here are the contents of the box: 

1. Burt's Bee Mama Bee Belly Butter
2. Rainbow Light Prenatal One vitamins (these are gentle on the tummy)
3. Preggie Pop Drops (for morning sickness)
4. Bellybar Boost nutrition bars (in Baby Needs Chocolate flavor)
5. Fit Pregnancy magazine
6. "Baby Bargains" by Alan and Denise Fields
7. A gender neutral onesie from Gymboree
8. "Dad's Pregnant Too!" by Harlan Cohen
9. "Baby Name Wizard" by Laura Wattenberg
10. A picture frame from Target (first for the ultrasound and then a newborn photo!)
*I also included a cute bracelet that I got at Motherhood Maternity for donating money to the March of Dimes. It was really cute and had pregnancy tips on the back of it too. 

I found all of these products at Motherhood Maternity, Gymboree, and Target. And here are some other ideas you can include in a pregnancy box if you plan to make one. Though mine was so packed it couldn't fit any more inside. 
  •  pregnancy journal - This one is from May Books. 

  • psi bands (for morning sickness)
  • maternity T-shirt (maybe something with a cute saying)

  • belly stickers to commemorate each month of pregnancy for a belly photo

  • a funny movie about parenthood

  • a CD of lullaby music to play for her belly (Don't knock it. Owen still falls asleep to the CD I played him in utero)

    Here are some more pictures of the things I included in the pregnancy survival kit that I made. I included some close-ups so you can see the individual products a little better too. 

    I packed everything into one of my leftover Citrus Lane boxes because they are the perfect size for a care package and I just ripped the label off and readdressed it. 
Everything looks really nice in there and was cheaper and more personal than the one I found prepackaged online. Citrus Lane and Stork Stack both have a baby shower box, but I wanted something that was more for pregnancy than the baby. 
Here's a close-up of some of the items in the box. 
And some more of the goodies in the box. The bars are "Baby Needs Chocolate" flavor. Heehee!


  1. You should sell these on Etsy, what a wonderful idea!

  2. Since the baby is out of the bag, I wanted to comment on how awesome it was to get this in the mail! Talk about best friend in the world award! And after the computer stops making me nauseous, I will totally blog about each item and how helpful it was! Thank you thank you!