Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Owen is sixteen months old!

     It's hard to believe, but Owen another month older. I weighed him on our home scale the other day and he weighted 23.5 pounds. I'm not sure how tall he is, but he is still a pretty normal-sized looking guy, maybe a bit small for his age. Above is a picture of Owen making his "sour" face. He hasn't eaten anything sour, he just makes that face when we ask him to. 

     Owen is eating so much better now. He typically eats a huge breakfast and a pretty good lunch and dinner is either hit or miss as far as him eating a lot or a little. We have stopped having to read him books and entertain him while he eats, thank goodness. And he is actually a pretty adventurous eater now, having eaten fish tacos, black bean burgers, stuffed zucchini, meatloaf, and several other recipes that we've made. He drinks whole milk with every meal and has water anytime in between. For snacks he loves Ella's Kitchen Nibbly Fingers bars and squeezy pouches of fruit purees or applesauce. He also loves most any kind of fruit. Except for banana. Though he did eat a little of one the other day. But then a few days later, he refused it. 

     Owen is a great sleeper still. He does so well at night and we are so proud of him. During the day, he still takes a pretty good morning nap and his afternoon nap is still unpredictable. 

Other Things I Want To Remember:
     Owen wears size 12 months and size 12-18 months clothing. Size 18 months is a little too big for him still in most brands. He wears a size 5 shoes and size 3 diapers. 
     Owen has 11 teeth now: four in front on top and bottom, two top molars, and a bottom molar. We think he is about to get in his second bottom molar because he's been drooling a ton lately. 
     Owen still loves being read to. He spends most of the day bringing me books to read to him. He loves The Belly Button Book and Fox in Socks. Owen likes playing with his shapes sorter, Poppity Pop Dino, occasionally his musical table, his Dr. Suess blocks, his puppy pull toy, and balls. He loves to throw balls and say, "Boom!"
     Owen is big on the sign language now and can sign: more, please, all done, eat, and milk.
     His vocabulary has really exploded this month and he will attempt to say most words if we ask him to. In addition to Mama, Dada, cookie, girl, boy, book, ball, and boo, he can now say: vacuum, bye, cat, hello, and many others. If you ask him to say any word, he will at least attempt it. He can also tell you the noises that several animals make, such as a cow, dog, cat, sheep, and owl. He has also starting making really cute squeal-y noises. He loves to "sneak" up behind me while I'm cooking and hug my legs and squeal. It is super cute. And sometimes I pretend that I can't see him and turn away just so that he will do it.   
     When he's not using his words, he babbles constantly as if he thinks we know exactly what he's saying. He can also point to most of his body parts when we ask him to tell us where his nose, eyes, ears, hair, feet, etc. are. 
     He still high fives, blows kisses, gives kisses, waves, and can "praise Jesus" by lifting up his hands in the air.
     He loves music and will bounce up and down or rock side to side when its playing. He will sometimes clap if there is a performer on the TV. He's already primed for his first concert. 
     He still has no problem with separation anxiety and is happy to "talk" to most people we encounter. And when we leave, he always waves happily and says, "Byyyee!"
     He loves when daddy comes home from work every day and when he hears the keys in the door, he runs to it shouting "Da! Da!" 

     Here are some recent pictures of our sweet boy.
"Driving" our box around.

Super Owen!
Owen watching the love of his life (Joss Stone) sing. He will watch her sing for the entire song and has done so during every morning news show I have watched for the past three days. She's promoting a new album. 


  1. Precious pictures! Jessica, you are just so very good at catching Owen at just the right moment.

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  3. He is such a cutie! I love the pictures with Owen in the box!