Monday, April 22, 2013

Citrus Lane review (April box)

       My April Citrus Lane box came on Saturday and I wanted to share all the fun products that came inside. We were happy with our box this month, but it wasn't our favorite.  There was an interesting assortment of items inside, and there were quite a few practical items. I personally would prefer a more equal number of fun items to practical items. There was no "mom" item in the box, but I'm okay with not always getting something for me in my box. 
    Here's the description from the insert provided in the box: "We are so excited to be able to send you such a fun box this month. Melissa & Doug makes some of our absolute favorite activity kits, and we know your little one will enjoy them, too. We have another new partner, The Honest Company, who creates fantastic eco-friendly products for the entire family. At this age, it can be a challenge to get your toddler to stay in his chair for mealtime, so we hope that these items can help keep him entertained and give you a moment to eat your dinner!" 
   Owen, of course, loved opening his box by himself again this month. He recognizes the Citrus Lane box and comes running to unpack it when I bring it in from the mailbox. He had fun unpacking all six items from our box. The items in my box retailed for $31.51 (not including the extra add-on product which I paid for). This is of lesser value than the last few months, but still more than $6 over the price of the box. 
And here are the details on what we received in our box:
  • Melissa and Doug Paint with Water ($4.99): Paint with Water provides near-instant gratification. Your budding artist can create a colorful masterpiece without the worry of messy spills or splatters. A special paint palette is embedded right in the pages of this all-inclusive art activity, so you don't have to worry about finding the paint or running out of one color. Just add water. I am really excited about this addition to my box this month. Owen loves to paint, but I get tired of all the mess and clean-up involved. I used to do paint with water when I was a kid, but I had completely forgotten about it. It's such a great idea for little kids. The book says it's for ages 3 and up, but I don't see why Owen wouldn't be able to do it. I plan on letting him try it out soon.  
  • Non-slip Placemat from Oogaa ($8.99): Made from pliable silicone that grips, this placemat serves double duty. It provides a clean surface for meals (and protects tabletops), while keeping your child busy between courses - just hand them a set of washable markers for doodling. The placemat is perfectly sized to fit a highchair tray and it's easy to pack with you for dining out. Made entirely from high-grade silicone that's PVC- and phthalate-free, you can throw it in the dishwasher on any shelf. I haven't tried this out yet, but I think it is a great practical item to include in the box. I especially love the idea of taking it when we go out to eat because Owen is always putting his food down on the table and it always grosses me out when I think that the waiter or waitress just wiped it down with a rag instead of sanitizing it. 
  •  Packin'SMART Keepaa from Innobaby ($5.99): It takes quite a while before toddlers master holding something without squeezing tightly. This sleeve prevents little ones from accidentally squeezing juice boxes, milk, food pouches and kid-sized water bottles. Perfectly proportioned handles make it easy to hold, and the space-saving design collapses so you can toss it in the diaper bag or lunchbox. There's even a name holder to keep track of which drink belongs to whom. Free from BPA, phthalates, PVC, and lead. We already have one of these drink holders and I really love it for when we are traveling. Owen doesn't drink juice boxes or anything like that on a daily basis, but when we are traveling, we typically pick him up a carton of milk or something to drink and this keeps him from squirting it out everywhere. 
  • Shampoo and Body Wash from The Honest Company ($9.95): Here's a head-to-toe shampoo and body wash the entire family can use. This tear-free, plant-based cleanser contains the highest quality organic and natural ingredients, so it's gentle enough for babies, even those with skin irritations and cradle cap. Organic calendula soothes, moisturizes and protects, while essential oils, fruit extracts, organic aloe and vitamin E hydrate. Perfectly pH balanced and hypoallergenic, it removes dirt without stripping natural oils. We have been using The Honest Company products for almost a year now. I love this shampoo and body wash because it makes Owen smell like an orange creamsicle. 
  • Plum Organics Mashups  pouch ($1.59): From Plum Organics kid's line of organic foods, this blend of fruit purees is a perfect snack for your kiddo when you're on-the-go. Perfectly portioned and made from 100 percent real organic fruit it's both healthy and delicious. Super convenient for including fruit in your little one's lunchbox or keep on hand for a quick and convenient snack when you're out and about. Owen loves squeeze pouches and will eat pretty much any food out of a pouch. He slurped this kind right up for dessert the other night. The box also included coupons for Plum Organic products. 
  • Skip Hop Monkey Straw Bottle ($6): This was an additional add-on item this month. Citrus Lane began a new program last month where they send out invites to some of their customers to allow them to pay extra to add another item to their box. I am not certain how they determine who gets invites, but I assume it is partly based on the appropriateness of the product for your child's age. Last month, I did not receive an invite, but this month I had the opportunity to add this straw cup to my box. I am really happy to get it because Owen always seems to need new cups and he does a great job with straws. And we love Skip Hop brand products, including: diaper bags, utensils sets, backpacks, lunch boxes, plates, bowls, and more. 

     Citrus Lane offers boxes for newborns to age 5. Boxes cost $25 a month, but  Currently, new members can save $10 on a subscription if they sign up through a referral link from someone who is already a Citrus Lane member. The Citrus Lane member will also receive a $10 credit. My referral link can be found HERE. Additionally, the coupon code TAKEHALF has been a frequent advertised coupon code to get half off your first month's box if you want to do a monthly subscription where you are charged each month. The code BREAK10 will get your 10 percent off a multi-month subscription of either 3-, 6-, or 12 months. You can try either of those to get an additional discount on Citrus Lane on top of the $10 credit for using my referral link.  


  1. I totally should have done the add-on for the sippy up. UGH. I am myself now because I kept the email in my inbox and just plain forgot about ordering it. I really liked my box this month, we may/may not get much use out of the drink holder, but maybe on road trips. It looks like we got different painting books, and I agree, our boys are going to love painting in them!