Thursday, April 25, 2013

Thursday Thoughts

Thursday Thoughts
      I'm linking up today with Jennifer from Ramblings of a Suburban Mom for Thursday Thoughts. 

~ I am so excited because I was lucky enough to snag one of the Allure Summer Essentials Beauty boxes on Tuesday. This box features more than $250 in full-size hair, make-up and skin-care beauty products. There are 26 items in the box. It cost $39.99. The box sold out really fast and people are all cranky on Allure's Facebook page because of something like a faulty link or it selling out too fast or whatever else caused them to be unable to get a box. Thanks to Jennifer from Ramblings of a Suburban Mom, I found out about the box and bookmarked her link so that when they went on sale at noon on Tuesday, I could easily click through to the page and buy one. I'm really excited about trying all the products and hopefully not having to buy anything from the drugstore for a long time. I will post on the blog when I receive the box to show off all my goodies. 

~ My brother-in-law and his wife are coming to visit us this weekend. I'm not sure what we'll do while they are in town, but hopefully we can show them a fun time even here in the middle of nowhere Kentucky. 

~ Ready for Love still sucks. 

~ I am so stinking excited because the photographers who did Owen's first birthday photos are having free mini sessions for moms and their kids during May. And because we will be in town visiting Tim's mom for her retirement party, I booked a session with them for that weekend. If you are in the Athens, Georgia area, give these people a call! 

~ I got my April Goodies Co. box in the mail yesterday and I was kind-of like "Meh." It had some healthy bars and an energy drink and just some other random stuff. I didn't feel like it had a theme like last month and there wasn't an information card in there either. That's my favorite part! 

~ I really love the concept of The Little Book Club, but once again, they are taking three eternities to ship. And I'm still not entirely sure that it is worth the price. I can pick out three books I know Owen will like on Amazon for about the same price and have them shipped free to our house. Hmm... 


  1. I got mine today and don't like that they switched to an online information card ;(. I like the paper ones!!

    Thanks for linking up!

    Ramblings of a Suburban Mom

  2. I thought the goodies box kinda sucked too. I mean we will eat it, but my son and husband will eat anything.

    Stopping by from the link up.