Saturday, April 13, 2013

Easter/Owen's birthday recap

      Sorry this is a little late for a recap on Easter and Owen's birthday, but we've been really busy the last couple of weeks. First we had the weekend of awesomeness where we found out the sex of baby No. 2 (boy), had Easter, and then Owen's birthday the day after. Then the rest of Owen's birthday week was spring break for my mom who is a teacher, so she and my dad were in town for about a week. Since they went home, we've been settling back into being a family of three (and a half), getting back on a schedule, and trying to figure out why my car is making a horrendous noise that sounds like the engine could fall out at any moment. 
     Anyway, back to Easter/birthday week. We had a really great time with my parents and Owen had a blast. He spent the entire week saying, "Grandpa play cars?" and "Grams play blocks?" Luckily, he's gone back to playing independently since they left and I can actually find 15 minutes here and there to wash dishes or do laundry. Here are some photos from their visit. 
Owen really enjoyed his Easter basket. He particularly liked the egg toy, the sidewalk chalk and all the snacks. 

This egg toy is so cute. And only about $10 on Amazon. 

He pulled the rabbit out and hugged it immediately. So cute!

This Easter egg has a special message. 

Because we missed the local Easter egg hunt, we just hid eggs around the yard for Owen to find. He and I had practiced earlier in the week so by Easter, Owen was an egg-hunting professional. 

He also got to practice naming all his colors while we were looking for Easter eggs. 

Owen's Easter outfit is one I bought for him for his second Easter that he didn't fit into last year. He is such a little guy!

This is the second Easter we've been able to spend with my parents because the holiday has fallen during my mom's spring break the past two years.

The day after Easter was Owen's second birthday, which we spent at the Cincinnati Zoo. 

Dude refuses to smile for photos anymore. 

Twenty-five years ago, I used to ride on those shoulders just like that. And smear food in his hair.

The carousel was a bit bewildering to Owen, but mom and Tim had a great time! 

We got to watch a 3-D portion of one of the Ice Age movies. Tim and Owen look pretty cool in their 3D glasses. 

Haha! Owen did a great job in his first "movie." 

Riding the train through the zoo was one of the highlights of the trip for Owen. 

Once we got home, we had dinner and Owen's birthday cake. 

Owen's Thomas the Train cake was probably his favorite part of the entire day. 

After cake, we opened cards from family members and some presents. One of his favorites was a quarter taped into a card from his great-grandma is Montana. He loves putting coins in his piggy bank! 

These Djeco stackable blocks we got him are probably his favorite birthday present. He loves stacking all the little animals' houses on top of each other...

And then, of course, knocking them down!

We finished up the week with a trip to Keeneland for opening day of the April horse races. 

To entertain Owen between races, we fed him peanuts, which he ate like a little squirrel. 

The horse races were fun, but probably more so without a toddler. The long waiting time between races is a little boring for him. 

While leaving, Owen got to pet "Hoss." I was so proud of him for not being afraid!


  1. Owen has a great grandma in Montana?! That's such a funny coincidence because my husbands family lives in Montana and that's where we travel each month to see my OB/fertility doctor. I just love that Owen had a wonderful Easter and birthday. It's terrific that he loves his grandparents so much and it looks like they really enjoyed their time with you guys too! Sending prayers for your car, we just purchased a mini van last week (with cash, Dave Ramsey would be proud) and my old college car makes horrible sounds too. It was time to upgrade because we travel and put on so many miles. Are you thinking of getting another car or just waiting it out?

  2. I love all of these pictures! I can't wait to see ya'll in 11 days!!!